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  • Halfpenny Green – Sparkling Iced Cider – Reviewed
    Producer:  Halfpenny Green Cider Company Name: Sparkling Iced CiderRegion: West MidlandsABV: 8.0Taste: Rich and Intensely fruityServed:  750ml Bottle ChilledSmell: Fruity, SmokeyColour: Dark AmberClarity: ClearCarbonation: Sparkling (Pet Nat) plenty of Fizz Review / Tasting notes Keeved and Iced, this is a spectacular example of cider-making by Halfpenny Green. Fermented under pressure for 12 months before bottling, the result is a delicious […]
  • Artistraw – Woodseaves Oak Apples 2019 – Reviewed
    Producer:  Artistraw Cider Name: Woodseaves Oak Apples 2019Region: HerefordshireABV:6.4Taste: Full-bodied earthy pet nat, Medium DryServed:  750ml Bottle ChilledSmell: Fruity, floralColour: Bright AmberClarity: ClearCarbonation: Sparkling (Pet Nat) plenty of Fizz Review / Tasting notes “This is an orchard blend of apples picked a pip’s throw away from the famed Great Oak of Eardisley. Recorded in the Domesday Book this stately 900 […]
  • Crumpton Oaks – Apple Cider – Reviewed
    Producer:  Crumpton Oaks Name: Apple CiderRegion: Malvern HillsABV:5Taste: MediumServed:  500ml Bottle ChilledSmell: Fruity AppleColour: Golden AmberClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “Our award winning crisp and refreshing golden apple cider. Full of fruity flavour from the finest bittersweet apples harvested from our orchard family and balanced with dessert apples for a perfect medium taste and crisp finish.” This […]
  • Ross-on-Wye – Foxwhelp – Reviewed
    Producer:  Ross-on-Wye http://rosscider.comCider Name: Fowhelp (2021 – Pressed 2019)Region: HerefordshireABV:6.0Taste: Bittersharp and AcidicServed:  500ml Bottle ChilledSmell: Fruity, citrusColour: GoldenClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “Foxwhelp must surely be the most iconic cider apple: a lovely fruity aroma leads immediately into a burst of acidity that has sharpness, intensity and depth like no other variety can offer.” This is not for […]
  • Pilton Cider – Tamoshanta – Reviewed
    Producer:  Pilton Cider http://www.piltoncider.comCider Name: TamoshantaRegion: SomersetABV:4.7Taste: Medium sweet and smokey with a whiskey and charcoal infusionServed:  750ml Bottle ChilledSmell: Smokey, Fruity, vanillaColour: AmberClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “A fruity keeved cider, partially fermented in oak barrels.” This cider takes its name from the epic poem Tam o’ Shanter by Robert Burns, as on Burns Night, the young […]
  • Cranbourne Chase – The Whitewigs – Reviewed
    Producer:  Cranbourne Chase Cider Name: The WhitewigsRegion: DorsetABV:6.0Taste: SweetServed:  500ml Bottle ChilledSmell: Sweet AppleColour: GoldenClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “Enriched by our own Dorset Apples, our crafted ciders reveal delightful, refreshing fruitiness, coldly fermented exposing their natural yeast and sugars.” Sweet apples greet you as you open the bottle and this aroma remains as it settles into […]
  • Gwatkin – Game Cock Cider – Reviewed
    Producer:  Gwatkin Name: Game Cock CiderRegion: HerefordshireABV:4.5Taste: SweetServed:  500ml Bottle ChilledSmell: Sweet AppleColour: AmberClarity: ClearCarbonation: Still Review / Tasting notes “The game cock cider, like the bird, is handy and dauntless in character and won’t take long to rustle your feathers.  Your only instinct is to try the plucky sweet cider that mates well with the game of the land.” […]
  • Skyborry – Pommage – Reviewed
    Producer:  Skyborry Cider & PerryCider Name: Pommage 2019Region: PowysABV:5.0%Taste: Medium SweetServed:  375ml Bottle Room TemperatureSmell: Fresh ApplesColour: AmberClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “Fruit from the main cider orchard harvested at Hawkswood Farm: a short distance from the town of Hay on Wye on the Welsh border. Stoke Red (bitter sharp), Kingston Black (bittersharp), Bulmer’s Norman (bittersweet), Chisel Jersey, and Dabinett (both bittersweet) were […]
  • Artistraw Cider – Across the Shrewniverse – Reviewed
    Producer:  Artistraw Cider Name: Across the Shrewniverse (2019 Dry)Region: Herefordshire, UkABV:6.0%Taste: Bitter and woody finish, Fruity, Clove, Oak, SmokyServed:  375ml Bottle Room TemperatureSmell: Fruity Apple, Fragrant, Grass, GrapefruitColour: GoldenClarity: HazyCarbonation: Naturally Sparkling – Pet-Nat Review / Tasting notes “Across the Shrewniverse’ is a blend of handpicked fruit from a beautiful traditional standard orchard in the Grey Valley in Herefordshire. Wild fermented, this dry, […]
  • Pilton Cider – Fox, Dog, Cat – Reviewed
    Producer:  Pilton Cider at: Name: Fox, Dog, Cat – Season 2020 – Episode 1Region: Somerset, UkABV:5.5%Taste: Bittersweet, Smoky, BiscuityServed:  750ml Bottle Room TemperatureSmell: Kiwi, Passionfruit, Smokiness, FunkColour: GoldenClarity: Crystal ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “A super-smooth blend of mature Jonagold, with just a touch of funk and a dash of smoke on the finish; sweetened with our classic […]
  • Sam’s Cider – Poundhouse Crisp – Reviewed
    Producer: The Winkleigh Cider Company Name: Sam’s Cider – Poundhouse CrispRegion: DevonABV: 4.5%Taste: Medium SweetServed: 500ml Bottle ChilledSmell: Rich ApplesColour: GoldenClarity: ClearCarbonation: Gently Sparkling Review/Tasting Notes “Our Sam’s Poundhouse Cider is a clean and crisp refreshing cider.  A real thirst quencher.  Made using only locally sourced Devon apples.  Fermented and matured in our 100-year-old […]
  • Artistraw Cider Subterranean Homesick Shrews 2019 – Reviewed
    Producer:  Artistraw Cider Name: Cloudy Cider (Medium Sweet)Available at: Herefordshire, UkABV:6.6%Taste: Astringent Finish, Fruity, Straw, BiscuityServed:  375ml Bottle Room TemperatureSmell: Fruity Apple, FragrantColour: OrangeClarity: HazyCarbonation: Naturally Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “Artistraw Cider Subterranean Homesick Shrews 2019 is a naturally sparkling, dry, pure juice Herefordshire Cider, made from a handpicked blend of Dabinett, Chisel Jersey, Ellis Bitter, Yarlington Mill, and Bramley. […]
  • Gwatkin Cider – Cloudy Medium Sweet Cider – Reviewed
    Producer:  Gwatkin Cider Co Name: Cloudy Cider (Medium Sweet)Available at: Herefordshire, UkABV:4.5%Taste:  Medium Sweet, Juicy with honey notes and light citrusServed:  500ml Bottle ChilledSmell: Fruity Apple, Lemon zest, HoneyColour: GoldenClarity: CloudyCarbonation: Still Cider Review / Tasting notes “Gwatkin Cloudy Cider is a medium-sweet, traditional style farmhouse cider, with a natural taste.” This cloudy cider, made from 100% apples, is […]
  • Bushel & Peck – The Gribble – Reviewed
    Producer:  Bushel & Peck to buy from Name: The Gribble (Yarlington Mill Single Variety Cider)Region: Gloucestershire, UkABV: 7.0%Taste:  Rich and full-bodied, BittersweetServed:  750ml Bottle Room TemperatureSmell: Floral, Fresh GrassColour: Deep AmberClarity: A little cloudyCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “A rich and full-bodied cider with lingering tannic complexity typical of this wonderful bittersweet cider apple.” I’m not quite sure […]
  • Purbeck Cider – Forgotten Orchard (Garden Mint) – Reviewed
    Producer:  Purbeck Cider to buy from Name: Forgotten Orchard Garden Mint CiderRegion: Dorset, UkABV: 4.0%Taste:  Garden Mint, Bittersweet AppleServed:  500ml Bottle ChilledSmell: Garden Mint, Fresh AppleColour: GoldenClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “An intriguing blend of our finest sweet cider infused with fresh garden mint, to produce a refreshingly long, gently sparkling delight.” The Isle of Purbeck […]
  • Malvern Cider Co. – Malvern Gold – Reviewed
    Producer:  Malvern Cider Co Name: Malvern Gold Medium Dry Herefordshire Cider Region: Herefordshire, UkABV: 6.0%Taste:  Medium Dry Served:  500ml Bottle Chilled Smell: Apple, Hint of StrawColour: GoldenClarity: ClearCarbonation: Still Cider Review / Tasting notes “Grown in the shadow of the Hereford and Worcestershire Hills, blended bittersweet apples including Three Countries, Yarlington Mill, and Dabinett.  Taste is achieved without artificial colourings, […]
  • Orchard Pig – Reveller – Reviewed
    Producer: Orchard Pig Name: RevellerRegion: Somerset, UK ABV: 4.5% Taste: MediumServed: 500ml Bottle (Chilled) Smell: FreshColour: GoldenClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly SparklingAward Category: (Mainstream Apple Cider) Review / Tasting notes: “Reveller has a generous apple aroma, drawing you into a crisp, refreshing cider with a tangy note of freshly squeezed lime in the finish.” A celebration of somerset, snort in […]
  • Henry Westons – Cloudy Vintage Medium Dry – Review
    Producer: Henry Westons Name: Cloudy Vintage Medium DryRegion: Herefordshire, UK ABV: 7.3% Taste: Medium DryServed: 500ml Bottle (Chilled) Smell: Fresh and FruityColour: Dark AmberClarity: Lightly Hazy and GoldenCarbonation: Lightly SparklingAward Category: (Mainstream Apple Cider) Review / Tasting notes: “Slowly matured, spending time in oak vats in Herefordshire to deliver a sparkling, fruity & full-bodied cider” Popping the […]
  • Simon’s Cider – Barton Perry – Reviewed
    Producer: Simon’s Cider Name: Barton PerryRegion: Cambridgeshire, UK ABV: 6.5% Taste: Dry, PearServed: Room Temp Smell: PearColour: Cream – pear fleshClarity: Cloudy Carbonation: StillAward Category: (Craft Perry) Review/Tasting Notes: “Dry Perry with a 50:50 blend of Wilding Perry and Conference pears” Barton Perry from Simon’s Cider is an interesting blend with a full-on pear aroma. Acidity and sharpness dominate […]
  • Simon’s Cider – Dabinett – Reviewed
    Producer: Simon’s Cider Name: DabinettRegion: Cambridgeshire, UK ABV: 6.9% Taste: Dry, Tannic, Spicy Served: Room Temp Smell: Floral and Christmas Spice – Plum NotesColour: Dark AmberClarity: Mostly clear with a slight haze Carbonation: StillAward Category: (Regionally Produced Cider) Review / Tasting notes: “The depth and complexity of Dabinett is amazing, it is magnificent in the blend.  It is incredibly tannic […]
  • Simon’s Cider – Browns Medium-dry (2017)- Reviewed
    Producer: Simon’s Cider Name: Browns Medium DryRegion: Cambridgeshire, UK ABV: 6.4% Taste: Medium Dry, Tannic, Sharp Served: Room Temp Smell: Fruit and spice Colour: GoldenClarity: Mostly clear with a slight haze Carbonation: StillAward Category: (Regionally Produced Cider)  Review / Tasting notes: “Browns brings gentle tannins and a wonderful acidity, bottled as a medium dry this cider is a fantastic example of […]
  • Lilley’s Cider – Apples and Pears – Reviewed
    Producer: Lilley’s Cider Cider Name: Apples and Pears Region: Somerset, UK ABV: 5.2% Taste: Sweet with caramel and honey notes Served: Chilled Smell: Caramel Colour: Straw Clarity: Clear Carbonation: Lightly Sparkling Award Category: (Mainstream Apple and Pear)  Review/Tasting Notes:  “Made from 88% pear and 12% apple. Sweet in flavour with a moth-watering almost exotic taste.”  Lilley’s Apples and Pears is another very sweet and refreshing drink […]
  • Lilley’s Cider – Bee Sting – Reviewed
    Producer: Lilley’s Cider Cider Name: Region: Somerset, UK ABV: 6.8% Taste: Sweet Pear and Honey Served: Chilled Smell: Honey, Caramel, Pear Colour: Golden Clarity: Clear  Carbonation: Lightly Sparkling Award Category: (Mainstream Perry)  Review/Tasting Notes:  “Sweet but incredibly refreshing with a glorious fresh tasting pear flavour and a wonderful pear aroma”  Lilley’s Bee Sting is an incredibly sweet perry with a real sting in its […]
  • Sxollie Modern Cider– Cripps Pink – Reviewed
    Producer: Sxollie  Cider Name: Cripps Pink Modern Cider Region: South Africa ABV: 4.5% Taste: Floral notes Served: Chilled Smell: Fresh Apple Colour: Straw Clarity: Clear  Carbonation: Lightly Sparkling Award Category: Mainstream Cider  Review/Tasting Notes:  “Retains all the clean crisp flavours of the apples, with a lovely balance of sweetness and acidity”  The aroma and taste of Sxollie’s Cripps Pink is quite delicate. Subtle floral notes are […]
  • Sxollie – Granny Smith – Reviewed
    “Made in a wine style- crisp, tart and refreshing apple cider with a crunchy acidity” Tasting notes: Granny Smith cider is an extremely tart and sweet cider with a sharp and tangy crisp aftertaste. Although this modern cider lacks the depth and complexity of a traditional cider, it has plenty to offer in the modern urban […]
  • Sxollie – Golden Delicious – Reviewed
    Producer: Sxollie https://sxolliecider.comCider Name: Golden DeliciousRegion: South AfricaABV: 4.5%Taste: Sharp, appleServed: 500ml Bottle ChilledSmell: Fresh appleColour: Light strawClarity: ClearCarbonation: Slightly SparklingAward Category: Mainstream cider Review/Tasting Notes “Made in a wine style –  a unique cider that gives you natural floral sweetness, subtle yeastiness and sour tropical fruit notes.” A sharp and fruity taste up front gives way to […]
  • Angioletti – Rose Craft Italian Cider – Reviewed
    Producer: Angioletti http://www.angioletticider.comCider Name: Angioletti Rose Craft Italian CiderRegion: Dolomites, ItalyABV: 4%Taste: Sweet, FruityServed: 500ml Bottle ChilledSmell: Sweet Apple and Forest FruitsColour: Salmon PinkClarity: ClearCarbonation: Slightly SparklingAward Category: Fruit and Innovations Cider Review/Tasting Notes “Fine bubbles: delicate salmon-pink colour, aromas of fresh apple with hints of wild strawberries are followed by complex refreshing flavours of […]
  • Temple Cider – Whiskey Barrel Aged – Reviewed
    Producer: Temple Cider Name: Whiskey Barrel AgedRegion: Dorset, UkABV: 6.5%Taste: Smooth and Earthy, Whiskey, orange peelServed: 500ml bottle (Room temperature)Smell: Apple, citrus orangeColour: GoldenClarity: ClearCarbonation: StillAward Category: Craft Cider (Apple) Review / Tasting notes “Our Whiskey Barrel Aged Dorset craft cider is made from the same traditional bittersweet and bittersharp cider apples as Milo’s Magic, […]
  • Temple Cider – Milo’s Magic – Reviewed
    Producer: Temple Cider Name: Milo’s MagicRegion: Dorset, UkABV: 6.5%Taste: Smooth and Earthy, Spicy with a hint of brandyServed: 500ml bottle (Room temperature)Smell: Earthy, Spice, Christmas Pudding!Colour: AmberClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly SparklingAward Category: Craft Cider (Apple) Review / Tasting notes “This cider is made from a blend of traditional bittersweet and bittersharp cider apples. Yarlington Mill, Kingston […]
  • Temple Cider – Kingston Black – Reviewed
    Producer: Temple Cider Name: Kingston BlackRegion: Dorset, UkABV: 7.5%Taste: Smooth and Earthy, Fiery clove and Bitter OrangeServed: 500ml bottle (Room temperature)Smell: Earthy, Spice, OakColour: Light AmberClarity: ClearCarbonation: StillAward Category: Craft Cider SV(Single Variety) Review / Tasting notes “Our single variety Kingston Black cider is simply special as it is a true single variety with […]
  • Oliver’s – Fine Perry (Wild Ferment, Rolling Blend) – Reviewed
    Producer: Oliver’s Name: Fine Perry (Wild Ferment, Rolling Blend)Region: Herefordshire, UkABV: 6%Taste: Pear, honey, citrus, elderflower, melonServed: 330ml bottle (Lightly chilled)Smell: Wildflowers, honeyColour: StrawClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly SparklingAward Category: Vintage and Fine Perry Review / Tasting notes “Bracing citrus acidity and fruitiness, think rhubarb and goosebery, hints of melon and elderflower mingle with honeyed sweetness and prickling sparkle. Drinks great straight from the fridge.” […]
  • Angioletti – Riserva Craft – Reviewed
    Producer: Angioletti http://www.angioletticider.comCider Name: Angioletti Riserva Craft Italian CiderRegion: Dolomites, ItalyABV: 6.8%Taste: Clean, crisp applesServed: 500ml Bottle ChilledSmell: Crisp appleColour: GoldenClarity: ClearCarbonation: Slightly Sparkling Review/Tasting Notes “Fine bubbles, rich and complex aromas, beautifully balanced by the characteristic delicate house style.  Ripe structured apple flavours give way to a long, clean, crisp aftertaste.” This pours with […]
  • Oliver’s – Fine Perry #6 – Reviewed
    Producer: Oliver’s Name: Fine Perry #6 (Keeved, Sweet, Season 2019)Region: Herefordshire, UkABV: 2.8%Taste: Pear, Honey notes. sherbertServed: 750ml bottle (Cool room temperature)Smell: Pear, honeyColour: GoldenClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “A beautifully tasty perry. Naturally sweet with balancing acidity and gentle tannins. Juicy.Juicy.” The 2019 #6 fine keeved Perry is an absolute delight. […]
  • Meon Valley Cider – Chalk Stream – Reviewed
    Producer: Meon Valley Cider Name: Chalk StreamRegion: Hampshire, UkABV: 6%Taste: Bitterweet appleServed: 500ml bottle (Lightly chilled)Smell: Bittersweet apples, hint of almondColour: Golden AmberClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “Our mainstream cider. Eminently quaffable! A golden amber coloured refreshing cider with an appley nose and long dry finish. Well balanced flavour comprising our own and locally sourced Hampshire and Sussex dessert/culinary apples bittersweets […]
  • Meon Valley Cider – Dragonfly – Reviewed
    Producer: Meon Valley Cider Name: DragonflyRegion: Hampshire, UkABV: 6%Taste: Bitter-sharp, crisp apple skins, broad tannin bitter-sweetServed: 500ml bottle (Lightly chilled)Smell: WildflowersColour: Amber (Honey)Clarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly SparklingAward Category: Regional Cider Review / Tasting notes “Honey coloured, wildflower nose with almond notes, hints of bittersweet and a lingering dry finish.” An intriguing fusion of East meets West apples in this delightful Hampshire blend. The upfront […]
  • Galipette – Galipette Brut Cidre – Reviewed
    Producer: Galipette  http://www.galipettecidre.comCider Name: Galipette Brut CidreRegion: Brittany, FranceABV: 4.5%Taste: Rich ApplesServed: 500ml bottle (Chilled)Smell: Sweet ApplesColour: GoldenClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “Sweet appley aroma. The palate has a delicious bittersweet apple character with some spicy bite and a bit of tannic grip. Very fruity and quite pure, with a nice savoury twist.” A fine French cider made of pure and […]
  • Healey’s Cyder – Rattler Original – Reviewed
    Producer: Healey’s Name: Rattler OriginalRegion: Cornwall, UkABV: 6%Taste: Sharp, crisp, dry and acidic finish, hint of pear and pineappleServed: 500ml bottle (Lightly Chilled)Smell: Fresh Apple, pineapple, pearColour: StrawClarity: CloudyCarbonation: Lightly SparklingAward Category: Mainstream Apple Cider Review / Tasting notes “Named after the feisty Cornish Rattler Apple and blended with Healey’s know-how, Rattler Cyder has a crisp, fresh flavour.” An aroma of crisp apple […]
  • Henney’s Dry Cider – Reviewed
    Producer: Henney’s Name: Dry CiderRegion: Herefordshire, UkABV: 6%Taste: Bittersweet, clove, honey notes, DryServed: 500ml bottle (Lightly Chilled)Smell: Fresh Apple and Honey sweet aromaColour: GoldClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “’Sweet appley aroma. palate has a delicious bittersweet apple character with some spicy bite and a bit of tannic grip. Very fruity and quite pure, with a nice savoury twist.’” The upfront […]
  • Cranes – Blueberries and Apple Cider- Reviewed
    Producer: Cranes Name: Blueberries and AppleRegion: Cambridge, UkABV: 4%Taste: Fruity, naurally sweet fruit of cranberry blueberry and appleServed: 750ml bottle (Chilled)Smell: FruityColour: Red (cranberry juice colour)Clarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “Ben & Dan brew the finest cranberries alongside apples to deliver this refreshingly crisp cider with blueberries and apples for that delicious fruity taste. We have managed to create […]
  • Oliver’s Vintage Fine Cider (Dry, Season 2018) – Reviewed
    Producer: Oliver’s Name: Vintage Fine Cider (Dry, Season 2018)Region: Herefordshire, UkABV: 8.4%Taste: Burnt Oak, Vanilla, blue cheeseServed: 750ml bottle (Cool room temperature)Smell: OakColour: Dark AmberClarity: ClearCarbonation: Still Review / Tasting notes “Still, dry cider matured in a vanilla oak cask for 18 or more months. Plum pudding nose, rich burnished colour and full of […]
  • Oliver’s – Pomona Rolling Blend (Season 2019) – Reviewed
    Producer: Oliver’s Name: Pomona Rolling Blend (Season 2019)Region: Herefordshire, UkABV: 6.5%Taste: Bittersharp, dryServed: 330ml bottle (Cool room temperature)Smell: Musty, WoodyColour: AmberClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “Dry, lightly sparkling bittersharp cider. Refreshingly satisfying.” Bittersharp ciders are arguably an acquired taste and a little too acidic for some. Whilst, this rolling blend may […]
  • Oliver’s – Bottle Conditioned Medium (Season 2018) – Reviewed
    Producer: Oliver’s Name: Bottle Conditioned Medium (Season 2018)Region: Herefordshire, UkABV: 5.4%Taste: Bittersweet, well-balanced, great depth of apple flavoursServed: 750ml bottle (Cool room temperature)Smell: Strong nose, earthy, cheesyColour: AmberClarity: A little cloudyCarbonation: Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “Sparkling through conditioning in the bottle with a full, natural apple sweetness. Hints of clove and spice and red apple skins. Beautifully integrated. The cork and wire […]
  • Lilleys Cider – Crazy Goat – Reviewed
    Producer: Lilley’s Cider Name: Crazy GoatRegion: Somerset, UkABV: 6.8%%Taste: Sweetened PyderServed: 500ml bottle (Room Temperature)Smell: Pear, AppleColour: Hazy Yellow, goldenClarity: CloudyCarbonation: Still Review / Tasting notes “A medium sweet mix of a cider and perry, hazy yellow/golden cloudy cider. This has been expertly blended to give a mouth watering, juicy flavour and deceptive in it’s taste for the strength” Crazy Goat is to […]
  • Cornish Orchards – Gold – Reviewed
    Producer: Cornish Orchards Cider Name: Cornish Orchard Gold Region: Liskeard, Cornwall ABV: 5% Taste: Fruity Apple Tones, Crisp and Dry Served: 500ml Bottle (Chilled) Smell: Sweet Apple Colour: Gold Clarity: Clear Carbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review/Tasting Notes “An immensely refreshing cider, lightly sparkling, with fruity apple tones and a long dry finish” This is as […]
  • Dudda’s Tun – Perry – Reviewed
    Producer: Dudda’s Tun Name: PerryRegion: Kent, UkABV: 5.5%Taste: Subtle pear, lingering honey notes / Crisp and freshServed: 500ml bottle (chilled)Smell: Light Pear, Honey NotesColour: Pale, chartreuse hueClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “A lightly sparkling, well balanced perry, with subtle honey notes produced from super ripe Comice pears” A good perry can be a highly prized, multi-faceted drink bursting with flavours. Dudda’s […]
  • Dudda’s Tun – Elderflower – Reviewed
    Producer: Dudda’s Tun Name: ElderflowerRegion: Kent, UkABV: 4.0%Taste: Smooth and floralServed: 500ml bottle (chilled)Smell: Fresh apple and elderflowerColour: Pale, goldClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “The perfect blend of cider and fresh elderflower with a gentle sweetness and light sparkle.” Gentle elderflower floral tones are ever present in this likeable cider from Dudda’s Tun. It’s probably not one for the purists but […]
  • Dudda’s Tun – Sweet Apple – Reviewed
    Producer: Dudda’s Tun Name: Sweet AppleRegion: Kent, UkABV: 5.3%Taste: Delicately SweetServed: 500ml bottle (chilled)Smell: Sweet AppleColour: Pale goldClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “Lightly sparkling and bursting with freshly picked apple flavour. This sweet cider is deliciously moreish, with soft honey notes.” Although this is a highly drinkable sweet cider, our tasters were underwhelmed by this one. The sweet apple is overpowered […]
  • Dudda’s Tun – Original – Reviewed
    Producer: Dudda’s Tun Name: Original (Season 2018)Region: Kent, UkABV: 6.5%Taste: Smooth, lingering, well-balancedServed: 500ml bottle (chilled)Smell: Mellow apple aromaColour: Clear, goldenClarity: ClearCarbonation: Still Review / Tasting notes “A smooth blend of Russet, Cox and Bramley, this refined medium cider is packed full of flavour.” ‘Original’ is the most complex and traditional of all the Dudda’s Tun ciders tested so far. At 6.5% it packs […]
  • Dudda’s Tun – Greenhorn – Reviewed
    Producer: Dudda’s Tun Name: GreenhornRegion: Kent, UkABV: 5.2%Taste: Crisp green appleServed: 500ml bottle (chilled)Smell: FreshColour: Clear, pale goldClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review / Tasting notes “A lightly sparkling medium cider, with crisp and refreshing green undertones” Refreshingly understated, Greenhorn places the green apple front and centre. Low in Tannins and acidity. it’s fair to say that there is not much going on here to […]
  • Dudda’s Tun Cider – Bone Dry – reviewed
    Producer: Dudda’s Tun Name: Bone DryRegion: Kent, UkABV: 5.5%Taste: Delicate and zingyServed: 500ml bottle (chilled)Smell: Subtle Green AppleColour: Light, gold and clearClarity: ClearCarbonation: Still Review / Tasting notes “A clean, crisp and full-dry cider. Made from Katy & Bramley apples – refreshing to the end!” Arguably, the finest dry ciders boast the more subtle and delicate flavours of all ciders. Dudda’s Tun handles the […]
  • Dudda’s Tun – Salted Caramel Still Cider – reviewed
    Producer: Dudda’s Tun Name: Salted Caramel Still Cider (Fusion Range)Region: Kent, UkABV: 4.0%Taste: Caramel with crisp apple finish – sweetServed: 500ml bottle at room temperatureSmell: Sweet CaramelColour: CaramelClarity: ClearCarbonation: Still Review/Tasting Notes: Dudda’s Tun aren’t backwards in coming forwards when it comes to innovation and this salted caramel cider is ample proof of that! We didn’t know what to expect from this and, perhaps […]
  • Meon Valley Cider – Brown Trout reviewed
    Producer: Meon Valley Cider Name: Brown TroutRegion: Hampshire, UkABV: 6.0%Taste: Medium Dry – caramel notesServed: 500ml bottle at room temperatureSmell: Oak and Apple (strong nose)Colour: Light BrownClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review/Tasting Notes: This award winning (Joint-second – Cider of the Festival CAMRA Southampton 2018) cider is a complex medium dry craft cider. High in tannins, leaving a wonderful after-taste that lingers well beyond […]
  • Healeys Cyder – Cornish Gold
    Producer: Healeys Cyder Name: Cornish GoldRegion: Cornwall, UkABV: 4.5%Taste: Medium sweetServed: 500ml bottle (chilled)Smell: Pleasant delicate fruit aromaColour: StrawClarity: ClearCarbonation: Lightly Sparkling Review/Tasting Notes: Although this is a refreshing and crisp sparkling cider, it lacks depth. The fruity and crisp up-front flavours dissipate quickly leaving a dryness and little aftertaste. Verdict: Cornish Gold promises much but lacks punch. It is crisp and refreshing – […]
  • Apple County Cider Co. Vilberie Medium Dry reviewed
    Producer: Apple County Cider Co. WebsiteCider Name: Vilberie Medium DryRegion: Monmouth, WalesABV: 6.0%Taste: Medium Dry, fruityServed: 500ml bottle served at room temperatureSmell: Pungent, cheesyColour: StrawClarity: ClearCarbonation: lightly sparkling Review/Tasting Notes: This cider was rated as ‘The Independent’s Best Buy’ in 2017 and we can appreciate why it was so highly rated. It has a creaminess and smooth all round mouth feel. Low in acidity and […]
  • Hunts – Wobbler – reviewed
    Producer: Hunts Cider WebsiteCider Name: WobblerRegion: Devon, UkABV: 6.0%Taste: Medium sweet well-balancedServed: 500ml bottle at room temperatureSmell: Pleasant aroma of applesColour: Dark yellow/Light BrownClarity: ClearCarbonation: Still Review/Tasting Notes: Hunts Wobbler is a delightfully complex yet well balanced still apple cider. It’s pleasant aroma promises little more than a dessert wine might but there is enough in the nose to tempt you further. Despite it’s sweetness […]


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