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Producer:  Halfpenny Green Cider Company
Cider Name: Sparkling Iced Cider
Region: West Midlands
ABV: 8.0
Taste: Rich and Intensely fruity
Served:  750ml Bottle Chilled
Smell: Fruity, Smokey
Colour: Dark Amber
Clarity: Clear
Carbonation: Sparkling (Pet Nat) plenty of Fizz

Review / Tasting notes

Keeved and Iced, this is a spectacular example of cider-making by Halfpenny Green. Fermented under pressure for 12 months before bottling, the result is a delicious sparkling iced cider worthy of a Gold Medal from us.

A gentle smokey aroma offers a mere suggestion of the intensity of fruit in this cider. Corked and caged, this is a beverage that sparkles and bubbles on pouring. In the glass, there is perfect clarity to the dark amber liquid.

The mouthfeel is creamy and soft as the lasting bubbles slowly fade on the palette.

Bursting with intensity from the fruit, and at 8% ABV, this resembles a light sherry or a dessert wine. There are caramel overtones and dark fruit notes before a pinch of acidity completes the experience.


This is quality cider-making coupled with precision engineering. The result is a delicious iced cider deserving of a place on any table. You may prefer to drink this as a dessert wine.

Gold Award* (Apple Cider)

*A Gold award is awarded to just 5% of ciders reviewed by The Good Cider Guide


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